Begel Energy Türkiye , North Africa, Middle East , Far East
He has carried out many prestigious works in the Russian Federation and CIS countries. It has become one of the most sought after companies around the world, especially by completing projects in Natural Gas Combined Cycle power plants, iron-steel industry and prestigious buildings ahead of time. The biggest advantage of BEGEL Energy is its capacity to do business in Asia, Europe and the Far East. BEGEL ENERJİ also tries to bring the sector to the place it deserves by organizing various high-level training programs to prepare the trained manpower of the growing sector. Especially our founding partner Barış GÜRBÜZ has brought interesting high technology applications and systems to the Turkish electromechanical sector. Some of these are Turkey’s first IEC 61850 communication city network, which was commissioned in Karabük in 2010, and Turkey’s first arc flash protected primary distribution center was successfully established. Especially in power quality issues, it has successfully designed both monitoring and control, Medium Voltage Harmonic Filtered Compensation Facilities and the newly introduced Magnetically Controlled Shunt Reactor (MCR) systems to the country’s economy. For any of your Power Quality related problems, we have solution methods specific to each problem. Our areas of expertise in brief:

  1. Turnkey construction and project design of Transformer Substations (construction, mechanical, electrical (primary-secondary, and automation-SCADA solutions: 500-380-220-154-110 -66 kV)
  2. Energy Transmission and Distribution Lines construction and project design
  3. City Network HV-LV construction, Project design, load flow, short circuit studies, relay coordination, GIS and SCADA integration, primary equipment testing and commissioning, primary and secondary detail project preparation
  4. Hydroelectric power plant, wind and solar power plants installation, project design, testing and commissioning and maintenance
  5. Power Quality Solutions (energy monitoring and control, HV-LV Compensation with harmonic filter, Static Var Compensator, Magnetically Controlled Shunt Reactor, Thrsitor Controlled Transformer, etc.)
  6. Industrial plants electrical and automation systems installation, project design and consultancy services.
  7. Machine and Process Automation ( SIMATIC family, GE FANUC, Allen Bradley PLC and SCADA programming)
  8. Customer-specific R&D solutions
  9. Electric Power Systems Software
  10. High Voltage Relay and Control Panels.