Product code: MSB01-MSB02


Product features: Mobile Substations 33/6-11 kV , 5-16 MVA


OG / OG –or YG / OG MSB-01 and MSB-02 series Mobile Stations are mobile electric stations that are produced in compliance with the project requirements, in compliance with the international requirements of the customer.

During the project design and manufacture of the station, the field and transportation conditions are analyzed and they are built on Trailer, Trailer, Skid or Wagon.
Long processes are required to establish fixed substations in the energy sector. Mobile Transformer Substations are a highly preferred solution due to very short manufacturing time (2-3 months) in case of rapid increases in energy needs. Such Transformer Substations are installed in places with high voltage lines and assist in meeting the urgent energy needs. One set of high voltage mobile transformer centers have the capacity to comfortably feed a large town.

Mobile Substation Departments:

– Medium Voltage Compartment: 1-52 kV Metal Clad Switchgears, Metal Enclosed Switchgears or Gas Insulated Switchgears are placed inside the Metal Cabinet.

– Transformer Compartment: 1000 – 31500 kVA MV / MV Power Transformer Interior

– Demand Transformer Compartment: 50-400 kVA; expansion chamber, hermetic or dry type can be chosen.

– Low Voltage Compartment: 80-630A Low Voltage Internal Requirement Distribution Board / Compensation Board and Measurement Board / DC Distribution Board / Control and Control Board / Scada System / Automatic Level Change System

– Battery and Battery Rectifier Section: Battery, Battery Racks and Chargers

-Generator and Operator Section