Transformers are electrical devices that transfer electrical energy between two or more circuits through electromagnetic inductions. Depending on the use, there are many varieties and designed according to system requirements.

Regarding transformers, BEGEL Energy has a lot of sectoral, technical and commercial expertise. In this context, our customers are not only offered sales. We offer our customers excellent technical consulting services.

According to the intended use, there is a wide range of 6kV and up to 525kV, which are offered to our custo

Providing Products

On all types of requests there are, according to the demands of our customers private accessories, transformer monitoring systems, online oil analysis systems, remote control panels (AVR, RTCC), On-load/Off-load tap changer (OLTC-NLTC) and so on, which is provided with options.

Furthermore, on the requested assembly, oil purification, field testing, commissioning, our services are carried out with the HAEM Energy quality and assurance.